How a dental implant is done

There could be a few different reasons that you need a dental implant. It could be a medical condition, poor dental health or simply through an accident. Here we will look at the process of how to replace missing or damaged teeth

Remove your tooth (if required)

After your initial consultation and x-rays, the first decision a dentist will make is whether or not they need to remove a tooth. If your tooth is damaged, then it will be removed, and if there is no bone underneath the tooth, then a bone graft would be required.

Screwed implant into the bone

Once there is a solid base to work with, an implant will be screwed into the bone to start the initial stages of building your tooth. The screwing is required to give your implant a solid base to ensure that the tooth lasts for as long as possible.

Healing collar

The mouth needs time to recover, and while it does, often a healing collar or a temporary crown will be placed over the tooth for it to heal correctly and also to prevent from your gums from covering the opening space where your previous tooth was.

Add an abutment

Using a building as a metaphor, if the implant is the foundation of your tooth, then the abutment is going to be the internal steel structure, giving it the strength required. This will be a short stub on which the crown will be placed.

Dental crown

Once all the internal construction has been completed, then the finishing touch is to give you a crown that is going to fit in with the rest of your teeth. This will be placed over the abutment and secured into place to provide you with the smile that you want.

It can take a lot of time

After each of these stages, a level of healing is required as your mouth need to recover from the intensive work that has been done and also to ensure that your mouth bonds and adjusts to the implant and abutment. The heading time between stages can often be months.

The dental implant is a big procedure, but it’s nothing to fear. The end process is always a great set of teeth that can restore your confidence or allow you to eat properly. If you’re thinking about getting an implant, find a local dentist to get the process started.