Exercise and Weight Loss Tips

How Dalewood Health Clinic Can Help With Weight Loss?

Have you been into various fitness programs and you cannot still get rid of those extra fats?  If so, you can still cling to hope. On your desperate bid to lose weight comes the best solution that can burn the extra fats in your body – DaleWood Health Clinic.

Your Answered Prayer To Your Weight Loss Journey

DaleWood Health Clinic is meant to provide you detailed lifestyle and wellness programs to burn the extra fats and achieve significant weight loss in timely and efficient manner. More than that, they can be an aid in your weight loss journey through providing:

Personalized Nutritional Diet

As part of their Premium Weight Loss Program, theywill conduct first an in-clinic or in-home health sessions which will allow them know everything about you. They take pride on their state of the art testing and technology. From the results, they can come up long-term and realistic solutions to address your health problems

By that, they can craft a personalized nutrition report and meal plan structures that perfectly your lifestyle. They will consider your diet and daily calories consumption, whilst, making a strict meal plan that you need to follow in regular basis.

The diet plans will be consisting of healthy foods and other diet that will make your body lose its weight while maintaining proper health. These diet plans are also used for better and consistent maintenance of your body weight, including meal plan that you should take each day.

Innovative Fitness Tools

Get the most out of your workout with innovative and valuable fitness tools! Now, you can already track the progress of your diet and exercise using personalized chart, target rate and fitness tracker to monitor everything. Using these reliable tools, you can already monitor and observe the changes of your workout and keep track your progress in weekly basis. Each tool was specifically tailored to for your own needs and goals to keep you motivated.

Dalewood Health Clinic features Metabolic Rate test (RMR) as part of its detailed weight management program. This tool is a non-invasive evaluation to be taken within 10 minutes through the help of diagnostic testing equipment. It greatly helps in identifying the amount of calories eliminated while you’re inactive. In case you weren’t aware, the result from this assessment is important in creating your meal plan.

Fitness and Health Advise

No matter what your fitness goals may be, they have the best buddyto assist you in your Dalewood’s specialist. Their fitness and wellness specialist are competent and certified, thus, rest assured that the right experts are handling your training. They’ve got the best solution for just about every fitness challenge you are facing.

Reliable In-Home Health Coach

Other than the unparalleled knowledge, skills, and support of their health and fitness specialist, they also have the passion to motivate you and bring out the best of your capability. The benefit of having personal trainer at your own convenience is that you’ll have a fitness training suited for your time availability and lifestyle.

Furthermore, being at your home while you do your training is more cost-effective than working out inside the gym without any proper support and guidance. Health tips and advises is also provided by your trainer, hence, giving you the right solution for your body’s specific needs. Our certified fitness trainer will help you start through the proper information so that you can personally focus on reaching your goals. Working out with our in-home fitness trainer is sure to offer you the best of their time, energy, and effort to get you into good shape.

Friendly and Professional Health Counselor and Dietitian

You don’t need to worry about rude and unprofessional healthcare specialist. At Dalewood Clinic, they promote excellent and friendly interaction with their clients. Thus, you’re rest assured that they’ll deliver advises efficiently based from your lifestyle, test results, weight lose goals and lastly, dietary needs. They won’t let you down.

If you want to make a big change in your personal life and get the perfect body that you are aiming for, ask assistance from Dalewood Health Clinic.


Hair Loss Product Review: Andras Fiber

Losing hair has become a predictable outcome of a stressed life. Both men and women suffer from thinning hair and hair fall. Although there are many instant hair products on the market, not all of them work as expected. Some of them fall off on clothes during the day and makes it look like its users are experiencing rapid hair fall.

Andras Fiber has taken a smart approach to instant hair care. Their microscopic fibers are precision cut and electrostatically charged to make sure the fibers can attach themselves to existing hair and scalp. They use Keratin to make these fibers, and fibers are cut with precision lasers to give a look and feel just like human hair. Because of their size and affinity to human hair, they are practically invisible to the human eye.

To get a thick and heavy volume, apply after washing and drying the natural hair. Gently shake over the bald patch and pat them down to help the fibers settle. To add a bit more volume and security, after applying Andras Fibers, spritz a little hair holding spray over the area. This will help cement the fibers in place.

Once they are set, they won’t budge, even in rain.