What Causes The Weight Loss Plateau?

ByHoward Tyler

What Causes The Weight Loss Plateau?

Losing weight can be too daunting. Granted, your weight slush off quickly at first, sometimes it seems like it won’t budge a bit. This condition is dubbed as weight loss plateau, which can be too disappointing and frustrating. What causes the weight loss plateau? Keep on reading.

Skimping sleep and calories a lot

Based on a study conducted previously by some doctors at the University of Chicago General Clinical Resource Center, most people on a diet who are getting not more than six hours of nap at night tend to lose less fat than people who sleeps eight hours. In addition to that, they often feel hungrier. As per PlamenPenev, MD, PhD the study director and assistant professor from University of Chicago, if you’re aiming to get rid of your fat, skipping your sleep can be simply compared to poking sticks on the wheels of your bicycle. It compromises your effort to eliminate fat by means of dieting.

You’re moving too slow (literally)

Wondering why you’re not losing while you’re at the same rate like before? Then possible, you have to increase your rate. Researchers discovered that HIIT or high-intensity interval trainingcan generate more weight loss than your old, boring and moderate-intensity exercises. For instance, you usually jog moderately for about 30 minutes. Instead of doing things like that, try to warm up for five minutes. After that, run intensely for about one minute and them recover through running easily for 4 minutes. Do this routine for five times.

You forgot to portion your food

What causes the weight loss plateau? A question most dieters always ask. The answer may lie with your portion control of foods.

Unbelievably, lots of people don’t really know the value of portion sizes. It is essential to keep an eye on the amount of food you’ll ingest as it make a huge difference especially if you’re trying to lose some pounds.

For instance, if you add another tablespoon of peanut butter for your smoothie today, you should know that is about 120 extra calories. That only means you will 840 extra calories every week. You need to be a little careful when you are getting closer to your target body weight.

So, once you have stopped seeing good results, consider looking at your portion control of food. Be more mindful of the foods you need to eat.

Always remember, that it’s okay for weight loss to stall or slow on some instances. You don’t have to be discouraged. Now that you have the answers to the question ‘what causes the weight loss plateau’, you can already craft a plan once your number on the scale stops shedding.

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